How long does it take?

For a bathtub about 4 hours, longer if it has been reglazed before.

Can I have it  done in any color?

We try to  accomadate custom  colors

Does it smell?

It does smell a  bit , we use a industrial size fan with ducting to clear the air out a window. Our paint is lead-free and isocyanate free. With the bathrrom door closed after we leave you shouldnt smell anything.

Can you fix cracks, dents, scratches, discolorations, chemical stains, rust?

For cracks , we can repair hairline cracks or think cracks. For larger cracks we recommend replacement. We apply a filler to cover up any blemish, so it will not be apparent after. Our coating will prevent rust from continuing.  Chemical stains from cleaning solvents will not be visible after.

How do i take care of it after?

Our coatings can polished with car polish. They can be cleaned with dish soap or green environmental cleaners. We recommend non-abrasive scrubbers like a soft rag.

How is it applied?

We spray our coatings with an air spray gun.

What type of coating is it?

We use  a specific epoxy enamel paint that is made for immersion systems.

What can be reglazed?

We can reglaze bathtubs, sinks, counters and tile. We do not reglaze toilets or bidets.

What does it cost?

Please calls us for prices

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

We specialize in jobs that were needed finished yesterday. We work evenings and weekends too.

Can you repair it only?

Yes we do repairs, unless you have a big hole in your bathub/sink.

What if my bathtub was reglazed before?

If the old coating is peeling, it will have to be stripped off at an extra charge.

Do you redo the caulking?

Yes, we remove the old caulking, and put in new caulking.

Is there a warranty?

Yes we have a full 5 year warranty on everything but kitchen sinks.

Is there an anti-slip coating available?

Anti-slip coating is available at a small extra charge. We do find bathtubs to be slippery however without it.

I have a clawfoot tub and...?

So for clawfoot tubs we only reglaze the inside. For the outside we have found that regular oil paint rolled on or sprayed on performs well.